extruded flat cables for sensor technology of ambient assisted living

Security systems for age-appropriate living

Extruded flat conductors behind wallpaper

Demographic change and the desire of people who are increasingly reaching older ages to live within their own four walls for as a long as possible calls for rethinking in the design and fittings of housing. LEONI already helps in making living areas as secure and uncomplicated as possible. Under the name Ambient Assisted Living, abbreviated AAL, the Provedo GmbH, Leipzig provides a comprehensive concept in this respect, which is equipped with LEONI exFC flat cables.

How AAL works

The system of Provedo was developed focused in the housing industry. It is suitable for renovation, retrofitting in urban state and for new construction. The technology has a very wide range of functions to suit the elderly. A resident can, for instance, view the entrance area from the bed or couch with the help of a camera. Welcome visitors can be given access; via remote opening system. In the event of an emergency the control centre can open the residence by means of remote unlocking. The lighting is also geared to the needs of older people and provides an ‘optical bell’ for people with impaired hearing, dimmable lamps and an automatic nightlight. Upon leaving the residence control function checks that windows are closed and that all kitchen appliances are switched off. Furthermore, a vital system monitors the resident’s behaviour and reports anything conspicuous by calling the emergency services. The system can be operated without a tablet, thereby also enabling people who not so technologically adept to use technical assistance systems.

Our smart cable solution

The LEONI exFC flat cable comes from the automotive industry and has been specially developed for the efficient and easy upgrade of the automation system for the housing industry. The ultra-thin, interference-resistant and tear-resistant LEONI exFC cables with a thickness of just 0.27 mm are simply bonded behind the wallpaper – without a cable duct or slots in the stonework. The living situation need not be fundamentally remodelled because the cable can be easily and flexibly fitted. Nor is it a problem to lay the cable around 90° angles because it can be fitted by simply folding it, likewise along the wall or ceiling. LEONI exFC cables are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and recyclable.

Technology with vision

The system’s costs are relatively low and directly address the requirements of residential housing and the older generation. Its easy handling as well as its low installation and integration costs provide the perfect solution for our ageing society.