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23 Jan 2017 – 01:28 pm
As we did so well with the TV-team, the radio guys @Bayern2 came over as well 🎤https://t.co/yPu17LeztS #LEONI100 https://t.co/oLkuDyKWBF

19 Jan 2017 – 02:28 pm
Here you go – @BR_Franken TV special on our anniversary. https://t.co/vx9hkhQNhX #LEONI100 https://t.co/p9calzaTnu

18 Jan 2017 – 12:09 pm
We had a visit from camera team @BR_Presse in Roth 📽 We'll let you know what they did with all the film footage.… https://t.co/vqG9ierTkM