Customised cable solutions

Many years of production expertise, comprehensive knowledge of the materials and a high degree of manufacturing precision enable LEONI to develop application-specific solutions that are tailored entirely to the customer’s further processing stages.

Cables for cutting and clamping technology constitute just a small sampling from our product range. For customised cable solutions we provide:

  • Various conductor materials
  • Huge range of insulation materials up to +260 °C
  • LEOMER® – our own developed insulation materials
  • Almost every shape of a cable produced on regular extrusion lines


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Electrical equipment & lighting cables

Electrical equipment & lighting cables


LEOMER® – It’s all in the mix.

LEONI's own developed insulation materials to fulfil the special requirements of our customers.

Meaning of LEOMER:

LEONI Polymer


With more than 50 of its own formulas developed in-house, LEONI ensures that the requirements arising from the particular applications of our customers are fulfilled in the best possible way. The manufacture of our insulation materials in-house and the close collaboration between our production and materials development guarantee a consistently high standard of quality.

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Diversity of insulation materials

LEONI has been developing and producing plastic compounds in-house for more than 40 years already. From 2013 these materials have their own brand name – LEOMER®.


Whereas at the beginning of development the focus was still on PVC formulas, we now have in-house production of other plastics categories. Commercially available standard compounds combine many properties, so that although they cover many applications, they are not exactly adapted to a specific customer requirement. The individual requirements of customers in the automotive and electrical industries provided the incentive to extend and specifically tailor the range of own compounds on the application. The step of creating a dedicated name for this special portfolio was an obvious one to take.


LEOMER is a combination of the two words LEONI and POLYMER. Polymer stems from ancient Greek and is composed of ‘poly’ meaning ‘many’ and ‘méros’ for ‘part’. A polymer is a macromolecule consisting of many concatenated, bi-functional molecules, which are known as monomers. A synthetic polymer can in principle be produced in unlimited size. However, for reasons of processability, the molecular weight is limited to 107 g/mol in engineering.

For the nomenclature of polymers, chemistry uses the name of individual monomers with the ‘poly’ prefix, thus designating them as polymers. With this correlation the LEOMER brand name illustrates the variety of materials used at LEONI.


This introduction of the brand name is a first step towards communicating our materials expertise on the markets. We regard this as a key competitive advantage because not many cable manufacturers have their own formulas and production facilities to precisely match the customer’s requirements.