Charging cables

LEONI offers electric charging cables in straight and coiled version with international approvals.

Our EV charging cables for electric vehicles support different charging modes in various regions – global partner for local solutions: 

  • 1-phase AC charging for domestic connection 
  • 3-phase AC charging for domestic connection and public charging station
  • DC charging for quick charging

Our electric charging solutions:

Europe – VDE and prEN 50620 approval

Charging systems according to IEC 61851 for 1-phase and 3-phase charging 

  • nominal voltage 450 V AC / 750 V AC / max. 1.2 KV DC
  • nominal current up to 200 A
  • operating temperature –40 °C up to +90 °C

America – UL/cUL approval

Charging cables according to NEC Art. 400 and UL/cUL category FFSO (UL62) as well as CSA C22.2 No.49 for 1-phase charging

  • nominal voltage 300 V AC (EVJE), 600 V DC (EVE)
  • nominal current up to max. 80 A
  • operating temperature –40 °C up to +105 °C

Japan – PSE approval

Charging cables for 1-phase charging

  • nominal voltage up to 600 V AC
  • nominal current up to 40 A
  • operating temperature –40 °C up to +90 °C

LEONI iEVC – intelligent charging cable with status-indicating light function

The LEONI iEVC (illuminated Electric Vehicle Charging Cable), which has advanced features, provides a visual monitoring of the vehicle's charging process by changing the colour of the cable jacket. It combines flexibility, security and mechanical strength. LEONI iEVC can be used universally for public or private charging regardless of the vehicle or country.


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LEONI EV charging cables

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