LEONI technology at work in VW ID.4 on US road trip

- Know-how from LEONI helps make
e-mobility more affordable and thus accessible to all
- Comfortable and fully electric: experiencing the world in a climate-friendly way using your own car with alternative drive systems

Nuremberg – From New York’s skyline across the Great Plains all the way to the beaches of California: With a swift road trip in the VW ID.4 all across 48 US states, Volkswagen is demonstrating right now that the world can already be experienced in a climate-friendly way in your own car – fully electric and comfortable. That’s also thanks to the technology of LEONI.

Behind the VW ID.4’s wheel is Rainer Zietlow, well known for record-breaking car journeys like Melbourne to St. Petersburg. Given the ever greater density of charging stations in the US, the long-haul legend need not have any concerns that he might run out of charge en route. The robust charging cable made by LEONI and fitted with charging plugs by the HARTING Technology Group is always within easy reach in the back of the car so he can top up. Inside, the high-voltage and low-voltage wiring systems by LEONI ensure that the energy is safely distributed in the vehicle.

It was therefore only logical for Zietlow to also have stopped by LEONI’s development facility in Troy, Michigan this month while on his road trip in the VW ID.4. “We are proud to be part of this challenge. Our technology makes it possible for Rainer Zietlow’s ‘refuelling stops’ to be safe and short,” Bill Livengood, President of LEONI Cable Inc., said in delight about the visit. “Our cables would even allow for this challenge to be extended beyond the United States’ boundaries.” After all, LEONI offers certified cables and wiring systems for many markets throughout the world.

Products like these represent LEONI’s technological excellence. For instance, the Company’s wiring systems are contributing to lowering the resource consumption of modern cars as early as the production stage – thanks to ever more elegant, more cost-effective architectures that help to save weight and space. And the Nuremberg-based company already has a high share especially of the e-mobility market. Together with automotive industry customers, LEONI is working hard on making e-mobility more affordable and therefore accessible to all.